Addressing the rumour that mRNA Covid vaccines can cause infertility

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I’ve now had 2 different friends on 2 different continents mention the rumour that mRNA vaccines will cause infertility due to “shedding of the genetic instructions” for the corona spike protein messing up the “naturally occurring spike proteins” in the human body. So i decided to post a copy of my answer publicly in case anybody else needs it.


Human reproductive tissues don’t contain any “spike” protein. I assume this is the result of confusion with placental syncytins which are derived from the ENVELOPE protein of endogenous retroviruses. These are retroviruses which became integrated into the human genome millions of years ago and now form an important part of the mother-baby interface in the placenta. 

Retroviruses are completely unrelated to coronaviruses so it’s highly unlikely there’s any similarity between the SARS-CoV-2 spike and placental syncytins.

About the “shedding” part of the question: neither of the mRNA vaccines contains sequences that would allow them to be self-replicating so it’s also extremely unlikely that they would be shed in any meaningful quantity. The mRNA molecules might stick around in your body for a few days or weeks but they’re gonna disappear eventually.

About the objection that nobody has “compare the genetic instructions to create the proteins to one another. He only compared the final product of the spike protein”:

I know you know what translation is, but in case your friend needs a little review – there’s no way for the “genetic instructions” i.e. the mRNA itself to trigger a specific immune response or anything else that could mess up reproduction or fertility. The whole point of mRNA is that it gets translated into protein and it’s the proteins that do stuff. It’s like the difference between the blueprint to build a machine, versus the actual machine. 

I hope this is enough to set your friend’s mind at ease.
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