This is not a professional blog. I post some science-related items but most of it is random personal nonsense and attempts at creative writing.

  • Malaysian – registered voter, congenital big mouth, Bersih supporter and Bersih 2.0 survivor
  • Christian – Methodist upbringing, still believe in God but only go to church when I’m home visiting family.
  • Biologist – General virology sifu, ELISA fundi, tuberculosis wrangler, cloning amateur.
    • neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeearly done with a Ph.D. in Infection and Immunity. M.Sc. in Comparative Biomedical Sciences.
    • May have been the first person in the world to make chickens glow (very faintly) in the dark.
    • Former industry scientist (vaccine development and assay development for vaccine manufacturing) and will constantly argue that it’s actually more fun and educational than people with an ivory-tower-exclusive background think. Get a real job before deciding you wanna go back to grad school.
    • Currently living in South Africa because I thought it would be interesting to live in another postcolonial developing country. Also, if you want to study TB, there’s a lot of it here.
  • Men: currently living in sin with another antisocial nerd. Divorce survivor.
  • Dog and cat owner. Will never call myself dog-mom or cat-mom. Cat-widow of Lina who died Christmas 2020 after 14 years together.
  • Android owner since the original gangsta HTC Dream/G1. Mine still works.
  • Art media: Fountain pen ink and sharp knife. One undergraduate painting class with oil and acrylic. Splurged on an HP Spectre x360 in 2018 and still haven’t used the stylus for anything except cell segmentation and signing forms. Trying to get used to Wacom-based tablet PC (HP tc1100 running Ubuntu).
  • The banner photo at the top of my blog is a red-winged blackbird chick that Lina brought home one day when we were both young and stupid. I took it to a wildlife rescue centre and it grew up, fledged, and was released successfully.
  • Twitter: @coolvirus

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