• Malaysian – registered voter and big mouth
  • Christian – Protestant, Methodist upbringing but not picky
  • Biologist, M.Sc. in Comparative Biomedical Sciences, background in virology
  • Currently living and working in Singapore, at a small biotech company with lead products in Phase I clinical trials
  • Married to a biomedical engineer, background in microfluidics, neuro, and stem cells
  • Preferred media: Fountain pen ink and craft knife. One undergraduate painting class with oil and acrylic. Trying to get used to Wacom-based tablet PC (HP tc1100 running Ubuntu).
  • The banner photo at the top of my blog is a baby red-winged blackbird that my stupid cat brought back unharmed one day, back when we were living in the USA. I took it to a wildlife rescue centre and it grew up, fledged, and was released successfully.
  • Twitter: @coolvirus

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