Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G messing around

I’ve had an Android phone since the first model, the T-Mobile G1 (rebadged HTC Dream). I got one with a cracked but working screen off eBay a couple of months after it came out, even though I didn’t have a data plan in grad school – being able to use Gchat, Facebook, etc. at home and work was good enough. And it was totally worth it when the seafood counter guy at the grocery story came running out from behind the counter going “Miss! Miss! Is that an Android phone?”

My latest is a Relay, which unfortunately is a USA-only model. I got it via eBid. Just thought I’d share my log of all the funny things I’ve done to it so far. If you’re interested you can find the info I’m referring to by searching the XDA forums. The gods of mod have not yet seen fit to create a Relay forum.

2013/2/14: got new phone
Trying to install ClockWorkMod using Odin from various sources – the XDA thread, the Github page, the Galaxy Y guide. Still not rooted. Trying to boot into recovery shows Samsung logo with message “Recovery booting” then screen goes blank. Also couldn’t figure out how to get into fastboot to try to flash it that way (booting into Download and doing “fastboot devices” from PC came up blank).
Turns out problem was with cwm.tar.md5 file. After removing “.md5” from the filename, making it a .tar file, and repeating the Odin flash, it worked & booted into ClockWorkMod fine.
However, neither Superuser nor SuperSU installed from Play store work.
Downloaded Chainfire’s SuperSU zip and installed using CWM.

Messed up phone by trying to delete Samsung Calendar. Deleted Calendar Storage by mistake. Can’t restore by Ti Backup. Apparently noobs do this frequently.

Attempts to fix by flashing Nardholio’s rooted stock didn’t work and phone got increasingly messed up.

Flashed CyanogenMod9.

Phone was eating battery. Flashed Nardholio’s personal build of CM9.

Battery life slightly better but still nowhere it should be (2 days have been reported).
Since this build of CM9 doesn’t have the RenderFX which is what I really wanted, decided it wasn’t worth the bother of lousy batt life and not having access to Samsung’s nice camera. Flashed gee one’s debloated rooted stock with UVMA2 Flashed gee one’s rooted debloated stock followed by nardholio’s tethering fix for MA2.
On boot, got error message “Unfortunately, the process has stopped.”, also “”. Kept popping up persistently.
Did a battery pull. Re-wiped data and cache. Flashed gee one’s rooted debloated stock but not the tethering fix.
Same error
Gave up and flashed nardholio’s rooted stock .tar via Odin. Now phone doesn’t work (“no SIM”). In settings under “Baseband version” (the radio) says “Unknown”.
Flashed gee one’s ROM again AND the UVMA2 radio zip that came with it. “uvma2_goodies”. Phew! Works.

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