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Finally getting around to watching today’s viral video. My reactions: (also check out Ameno World’s take on it here)

  1.  Right off the bat, this woman is a horrible emcee.
  2. WTH is this ikrar thingy?
  3. Honestly, Bhavani’s not a great speaker. She’s running too fast in an attempt to stop being interrupted and waving her arm way too much. Seems to be the “anyhow whack” kind of audience member who comes up to ask random Qs which are her pet subjects, which I personally beh tahan. But at least she has her points organised.
  4. Now I see what everybody is saying about the “Listen listen listen” thingy.
  5. “Question number one: This is our programme…” Er that’s not a question that’s a statement.
  6. The whole respect thingy is BS.
  7. “Jika negara Malaysia disamakan dengan negara lain, what are you doing in Malaysia?” It’s called international standards, idiot.
  8. “You must understand what is perhimpunan lebih dari 3 orang di suatu tempat.” <- Can we all agree the Public Assembly Act sucks?
  9. “Number one: Respect the adults.” University students are adults, you twit.
  10. Ah, now we come to the ridiculous “Animals have problems” thing. I seriously don’t get how this is supposed to be any kind of metaphor or allegory or anything. It’s like a train of free association because she can’t figure out a good way to wind up and shut her mouth.
    10b. The student is Indian, she might be a vegetarian for all you know.
  11. “And it is my right today, and all of the people [sic] right, to speak of my right to you.” What is this I don’t even…
  12. Panelist: “Can I say a few words?” Emcee: “No, teacher, I think we’re all tired. Who wants a Galaxy Note?” <– Wasn’t she just talking about respect a few minutes ago?
  13. What’s up with the random friend?
  14. I’m just amused by how the cameraman zooms in and out on the panelists at the moment she says, “besar manakah kita, kecil manakah kita”.
  15. Curious as to where this funky video about Judgement Day is from. The accent is unfamiliar. I have this feeling the style was pinched from American evangelicals though. Anyway, it’s totally inappropriate in a mixed audience.
  16. “Saya sebagai Presiden…” Presiden what? I’m still not clear on what her role is.
  17. Post-forum reactions: video and audio out of sync lah woi.
  18. Post-forum reaction #2: “Saya belajar…wanita sekarang bukan sahaja duduk di rumah, malah wanita sekarang boleh berkerjaya…” So I guess if your brain level is where you thought this was a stimulating forum, it might be news to you that women can have careers and participate in politics.
  19. Post-forum reaction #3, a boy: “[Wanita] perlu tahu hak2 mereka supaya mereka tak ditindas atau diguna atau dimanipulasikan…” INDEED.
  20. Post-forum reaction #3: Pray tell, what WOULD you call the “saluran-saluran yang betul” to ask questions of public interest if not a public forum?
  21. Overall the post-forum reactions from those 3 students are very lame lah…just saying redundant things or platitudes.
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