Trogdor the Burninator

My parents and the Mouse (recently finished her Master’s and is going to be a Teach for Malaysia fellow) are down in Singapore for a visit so we had dinner together with our cousins Judoka and Spiderman, and my housemate and Mouse’s classmate Dormouse. I don’t know if other people think we’re just weirdoes, but my family are hilarious.

On the subject of cut-throat competition in schools (stealing notes when someone goes to the toilet in the library, spying on exam results and the like) my father said, “When I was in Form Six I kept a very good Physics notebook. Then just before finals, it disappeared.”

Mouse: “People could read your handwriting?”

I said, “Guess what, I saw [our middle sister] on the way to work today! I knew I had a ton of lab work and meetings this morning, so I got up an hour and a half earlier than normal.”

Mouse: “So, nine?”

She got her comeuppance later when we were hanging out in the flat after dinner.

Mouse: “I can’t stand it when people point to the US and UK as model democracies. I’m like, Haveyou lookedattheirgerrymanderingandcorruption and studies now show that the rateofparticipationinelectionsisdroppingintheUSA and the xenophobia anddidyouknowthatcensusesshowthatonlyinthelastfewyears theUKhasbecomelessthanninetypercentwhite and…”
Dormouse: “How do you speak without spaces?”

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