Lord of the Rings audiobook reread

Little details I didn’t pay attention to when I was a kid:

The journal of the recolonisation of Moria was written by multiple people in multiple scripts. Near the end when they were under attack, someone, probably Ori, switched to elven script instead of the runes favoured by the dwarves. Why? They were in a hurry, and you can’t write runes in cursive.

The relationship I enjoy the most in the trilogy is Gandalf and Pippin. Pippin being the youngest in the whole jingbang obviously undergoes the most personal growth, from being this annoying tweenager who throws rocks randomly and complains that hiking sucks, to standing up to the insane Steward of Gondor and saving Faramir’s life. Gandalf doesn’t hesitate to scold him – Gandalf is never a bully, he knows that Pippin’s irrepressible personality can take it. Maybe for him, scolding Pippin also offers a bit of stress relief.

Under the hood, the way he puts up with Pippin being a si gin nah epitomises how he has an abiding faith in the importance of “smallfolk”. Not just hobbits but also various characters who are not kings, aristocrats, or mighty warriors.

It’s quite staggering how the ancient dwarves carved out a complex that extended FORTY MILES east to west and who knows how many levels up and down under the mountains.

  • 11th April in real life, 15 January 3019 , just after losing Gandalf escaping from Moria

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