Throwing stuff out the window

Listening to a speech by a high-level company exec. Talking about decision-making, trust, and communication within the company. Told the following story about AIDS prevention as an example of how smart people can make dumb decisions.
“For reasons I don’t understand, at one point the whole world was into microbicides. They were throwing millions of dollars into microbicides. And when I was at the Gates Foundation I said it wouldn’t work. Why?
“When you go into the field, you see these villages with 25 huts. In front of each hut is a huge pile of garbage, because they don’t have garbage disposal in these villages. You use something, you throw it out the window onto the pile.
“Imagine you want to have sex. The microbicide comes in a package, so you unwrap the package and throw the wrapper out the window. There’s a plastic applicator tube with the gel inside, so you apply it and throw it out the window.
“Now everybody knows you had sex last night and you think your husband has HIV.”

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