Day 0: Tune Hotel

Enilit and I checked into the Tune Hotel near the LCCT (Low-Cost Carrier Terminal) and we found out just how budget it is (for an airport hotel). The room is pretty much a queen-size bed with barely enough floor space to walk around it to get to the bathroom. I’m not eve sure an obese person could live in here.
We were floating the idea of staying an extra night in Kuala Terengganu and taking the bus back to Singapore on Sunday instead of Saturday night. Since I’ve barely been to East Coast, I’m quite keen on the idea. One of the books I brought for this trip is Awang Goneng’s “A Map of Terengganu”; we’ll see what he has to say about KT. (The other book is an Amazon Vine reviewer’s uncorrected proof of “Kaltenburg” by some German writer whose name I don’t remember.)
We were lying down to sleep when Enilit suddenly found a battery-shaped lump under the sheet. Turns out there were three of them. My hypotheses are that they’re from a) a previous guest’s sex toy, although that doesn’t explain why under the sheet, or b) a cleaner’s torchlight and they forgot to collect the old batteries afte changing them.
Anyway that’s why I’m writing this now, because it was too funny not to record.

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