How to explain stuff to Malaysians

My teammate who’s from a Chinese private school background was talking about one of the QC department scientists at our CMO, who likes to ask for a half a dozen more experiments than it would take to make anyone else happy with a point. “Stefan is going to keep buggering us for more data…”

My supervisor and I started cracking up. “I think you mean bugging us,” I choked out.

Supervisor went to look up the definition of “bugger” on, pointing to the word “sodomite”. Teammate peered at it. “I don’t understand,” she said. Supervisor and I looked at each other. Teammate is very smart but she’s a bit younger than me and also the sweet-looking kind of girl. Did we really want to explain anal sex to her?

“It’s like the Saiful and Anwar Ibrahim thing,” I said.


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  1. JIan says:

    All that popped into my head was “Reader’s Digest”

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