The Trypanosome

This morning I had one of these really fun video-game-like dreams. I was with a large group of other people in a vast flat space dotted with sheds like an abandoned airport or a railyard without the rails. We were running from building to building because a titanic winged alligator snapping turtle kept swooping at us. We could see it circling overhead, silhouetted against the clouds glowing with the light of a city on fire. Its name was the Trypanosome.
Some of us including myself had a special ability . Some of the sheds held vending machines dispensing small red capsules the colour of cinnamon candies. When I took one into my mouth, I felt it become spherical and hot, and I could spit it a great distance. It turned into an acid bomb. So those of uswho had this peculiar offensive capability were trying to bombard the flying turtle and drive it away from the other defenseless humans.
The problem is that we were quickly running out of the acid bombs. Someone discovered another type of vending machine that contained yellow capsules that would let you spit laser beams, but they were low-power lasers so we had to act much more quickly and in concert to protect the others. The Trypanosome sensed that its attackers were weakening, and it was making lower and lower passes over us…
As so often happens with dreams, my alarm went off as it was getting to the exciting bit.

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