Weird dream

I lived in a two-level condo which had three huge fishtanks . One had my regular pet fish (I keep dwarf puffers in real, life but can’t remember what the ones in the dream were), and the other on the same floor had two large yellow and blue parrotfish which turned out to be able to telescope their bodies out to a tremendous length, like paper dragons. The third tank, unfortunately, held a giant arapaima which evolved the supernatural ability to slither out of the water and chase me around the house.

Eventually I was rescued from being eaten by a band of pirates who arrived in a steampunk airship. They were going to a fair to trade some of their loot, so I gladly followed. There I met a young man whom I hadn’t seen since he was a little boy. We ended up making out behind a stack of crates because I challenged him by saying I didn’t think he was grown up yet (slightly disturbing because I’m married in real life and I really have hardly seen this fellow in twenty years. He made some random comment on my Facebook post recently).

One of the prize-winning events at the fair was a cat steeplechase so I started training my cat to run and jump over hurdles. She wasn’t very keen on it and didn’t make the qualifying time.

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